EMC offers a complete range of in-house, contaminated motor repair services, including the capability to perform full scope refurbishment and rewind of Reactor Coolant Pump motors and Reactor Recirculation Pump motors. EMC provides a state-of-the-art repair facility, decontamination capabilities, engineering, experienced refurbishment staff and expertise for handling contaminated components.

EMC maintains a fleet of specialized containers for transporting radioactive RCP's and Recirculation Motors.

EMC Nuclear Services Building Comprehensive Capabilities

Nuclear Services Building

  • 300' Long x 75' Wide x 75' Tall
  • 22,500 Square Feet
  • 55' Lift Height Under Hook
  • 60 ton Lifting Capacity
  • Level A Environmentally Controlled
  • Maintained at a Negative Pressure
  • Stainless Steel 13' by 16' Contaminated Burnout / Bake Out Oven
  • Abrasive Blast Booth for Decontamination and SL1 Preparation
  • Dedicated Area for Contaminated Steam Cleaning
  • 25,000 Lb Dynamic Balance Machine

EMC Nuclear Service Building Staff / Experience

  • Reactor Coolant Pump / Reactor Recirculation Motor Full Time Dedicated Staff of Lead Motor Technicians – 25+ years of motor repair, 1st class motor winders – 10+ years of experience and other craft personnel including Machinists, Mechanics, Helpers and HP Technicians
  • Forty Chesapeake technicians are Radiation Worker Trained
  • 10 RRPM's and 21 RCP's reconditioned/rewound to date
  • Staff trained and procedures developed for Westinghouse and GE Reactor Recirculation / Reactor Coolant Pump Motors
  • Custom built shipping containers

Motor Testing Capabilities

  • Test Stand with 36'x16' T-Slot Base
  • 3.75 MVA panel 13.8KV
  • Ability to Set-Up Two Motors on Test Stand
  • Bearing Cooling Water
  • Multi-channel Vibration Analysis
  • Multi-Channel Process
  • Data Acquisition using Automated Diagnostics for Rotating Equipment (ANDRE)
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Test Stand has one million pound reinforced concrete mass isolated from the frame – This ensures a very low structural natural frequency for testing
  • Capability of virtual witness of motor test run from customer's home or office
  • Water Immersion Testing
  • Partial Discharge Testing
  • Power Factor Tip Up Testing
  • Surge, Hi-Pot, Polarization Index, and Megger Testing

Reactor Recirculation / Reactor Coolant Pump Motor Refurbishment

  • Stator Restacking included in Rewind Firm Price - Waste Disposal Included
  • Compression Plates and Vent Ducts Replaced
  • Replacement Laminations Laser Cut
  • Final Core Testing
  • Flywheel ASME NDE Testing
  • Inspect Oil Coolers, lift system, bearing assemblies, and other auxiliary equipment
  • Reverse Engineering – Roamer Arm, Solid Modeling, Finite Element Analysis, Manufacture Drawings
  • All Services Performed on EMC campus with EMC technicians, including SL1 Program with EMC Qualified Applicators
  • Bearing redesign / upgrade eliminating bearing instability (Oil Whirl) issues seen in many Reactor Recirculation Motors
  • Available Westinghouse RCP Modifications (Not Inclusive):
    • Truncated Flow Chamber With Existing Viscosity Pump Modification
    • Oil Lift System Modification
    • Lower Bearing Reservoir Level Indicator Modification (Multi-Port Drain Sump)
    • Lower Oil Pot Joint Modification
    • Oil Collection System Mounting Modifications
    • Flywheel Pawl Modifications
    • Flywheel Key Modification
    • Anti-Rotation Shock Absorber Mounting Modification
    • Dual Element Bearing RTD Modification